I want to give a special thanks to Lea and all those that helped out for doing such a great job in organizing and putting together an awesome fun family reunion.  You can use this part of the website to add comments, tips, fun stories/memories, or anything you like. I would also like to encourage everyone to "sign" this guestbook by simply including your name and a short comment. Have fun.

You can leave a comment by clicking the comments link above or by clicking HERE

Audrey Burnette
6/30/2010 01:18:08 pm

Good job and thanks for making this website we really enjoyed it:)

Joey tucci
7/4/2010 03:29:03 pm

Thank you ron. I need to locate the lost file..it down loaded but I started to open 1 by 1 and now I lost them some where ;(

Uncle joey
7/4/2010 04:12:28 pm

Thank you ronnie..I found my way back to this website..how do I upload the pictures that I have to to this page??? love uncle


Ron (Dad)
7/6/2010 07:35:17 am

Great job! How do I rotate the pictures?

7/7/2010 08:39:06 am

Thank you Ronnie to you too, for taking such a wonderful pictures. Ok guys, Kuya Marvin is sugesting Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

5/13/2012 08:12:18 am

SD it is, for the family reunion. I can't wait to be with the family. SD get ready!!!!!! Ronnie this is a cool website. Good Job, dahling!

Ronnie Tucci
7/7/2010 08:46:20 am

To Uncle Joey: It all depends on how many photos you have. If there are quite a few it may be easier to put them in a zip file and email them to me and I will put them up.

To Dad: You can rotate pictures using the windows photo viewer that most window's operating systems automatically use. Once the pictures open there you will see controls on the bottom or you can press ctr+k and ctrl+l to rotate the picture.

To Lea: No Problem :D

Aunt Elisa Pagaduan Dunn
7/9/2010 11:05:44 am

I have not seen all the pictures you took of the family reunion here in SC/NC.I just want to THANK YOU for making this (very first) family reunion
everlastingly memorable since you got all the candid moments in pictures. The monumental task of taking all the pictures for eveyone there is awesome and generous (of your time).After graduating from college, you can always
be a gifted photographer as a side job
or be a productive website creator. You
are sooooooo blessed and gifted. I thank
God for giving you to this family! I love you all!!!!

Ronnie Tucci
7/14/2010 11:37:44 am

Thank you so much for the kind words Aunt Elisa! I really appreciate them!

I love you too

joey tucci
8/6/2010 12:17:40 pm

I have two new updates e-mail.


2.my personal home e-mail is IDKWHY2003@comcast.net

8/14/2010 05:41:05 am

Luvvv yu nito;)

Emily Burnette
5/14/2011 09:57:08 am

I can't wait til the next family reunion:D

Tyler Pagaduan
11/15/2011 06:44:19 am

Only 8 more months till I see all your bright smiling faces yet again. Honestly I had no idea this website existed haha but very nice Ron.

From, T-PAGS

Alilee Burnette
12/9/2011 11:56:50 pm

Hi Ron,

Looking forward to see everybody next reunion..it's going to be a blast!!! Thanks Ron for making this website, it makes it easier to communicate. May God Bless and Keep everyone. Love ya'll


Ate Alilee
4/24/2012 02:11:39 am

Time is going fast. Can't wait to see everyone in SD. Great information! Thanks Ron for the updates!
God Bless everyone!

5/30/2012 05:47:51 am

will come back shortly

uncle joeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
6/15/2012 06:14:10 pm

It's almost that time again !!!!! I can't wait to see my BIG LOVING FAMILY !!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL..


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